Aggie’s World isn’t ready yet.

I had a great creative writing professor in college who taught me something important. It was unspoken but unmistakable:
Don’t apologize for something you’re about to perform in front of a general audience. Do it well or don’t do it. Respect that the audience’s time is valuable.

Aggie’s World is the antecedent of Aliens Ransacked My Room. I started Aggie’s World as a personal homepage back in 1997.  I knew very little about HTML, nothing at all about Style Sheets, and painfully little about good design.

What I did know was that most of my classmates had pages that went something like this: “Welcome to my Rockin’ Home Page! Here’s a picture of me! Here’s a picture of my room! Here’s a picture of my friend Jake!  He’s so crazy! Click HERE to go to Jake’s home page!” And so on. Who was reading these pages?  I bet even crazy Jake wasn’t reading them.

Back in the late Nineties, self-indulgent HTML drivel was called a “Personal Home Page.” These days, it’s called a “’Blog.” Aggie’s World was never about me, never directly, at least. Aggie’s World was about my stories. It was a labor of love. It may not have been well-designed, but it was certainly well-intentioned. I worked on it until graduation, but then I moved on to other projects.

Aggie’s World has some great stories and some inspired ideas. But it also has a lot of junky layout, pixilated drawings, and obsolete technology. It’ll be back. Aggie’s World is the heart and soul of Aliens Ransacked My Room. For now, though, I’ve removed most of it. I don’t want to have to apologize for Aggie’s World. I want it to be magical.

Meanwhile, since it's Christmastime, I'll leave up Aggie and the Present.  I hope you enjoy it.

-Artie Moffa
December 2005