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I wrote 58 animal limericks for the computer game Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa, which Pocketwatch Games released in November of 2005. The game is available for Mac and PC pretty much anyplace you can buy video games in North America. 57 of the limericks appear in the game; we decided it would be better to leave out the one with the exploding baby vulture, but, trust me, it was awesome.

A well-to-do poet once said, “It’s
A balance of insight and edits.
There’s money? That’s nice.
You want my advice?
Make sure you appear in the credits.”

I’m the Web secretary for the Amherst College Class of 2000 Web site.  I may host that site in a subdirectory of this one, at least until I can straighten out the confusion with the alumni passwords.  Interested alumni can monitor my progress and that of class secretaries Ruza and Gwyneth by reading our plans here (password required).

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