“In America, government authority has limits.”

Mr. Bob Metz
Assistant Superintendent
Newport Mesa Unified School District
Administrative Offices
2985 Bear Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Dear Mr. Metz:

My name is Artie Moffa. We haven’t met. We live on opposite sides of the country, actually; I live in Massachusetts. Until about an hour ago, I had never heard of you.

I came across your name in a small piece carried on the Associated Press wire tonight, titled “California School Suspends 20 Who Saw Web Site.” That article led me to two stories by Michael Miller in the Daily Pilot Newspaper: “TeWinkle Student Threatened Online” and “Alleged Threat Narrowed to 1 Student.”

The media, both local and national, has a tendency to sensationalize events. I know about you only what I have gleaned from three news stories and a quick scan of the NMUSD Website. It’s possible, it’s even likely, that I’m missing some pertinent information about this threat posted on MySpace and the 20 students you suspended for writing and viewing that threat.

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